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The Saanich Police Athletic Association was incorporated in 2008 to promote, foster and develop community spirit and good citizenship among its members.  The Athletic Association also promotes, encourages and assists in charitable, athletic and community activities in Saanich.

The Athletic Association provides a mechanism to give members the opportunity to participate in athletic endeavours in the name of the Saanich Police such as the Saanich Watchdogs hockey team, a softball team and a basketball team.  The Saanich Watchdogs have participated in numerous charitable hockey games since their inception in order to raise money for local charities including:

The Athletic Association provides funding for a gym to ensure that members of the association have the ability and access to fitness equipment to help them maintain the demanding physical requirements of being a police officer.

The Saanich Police Athletic Association sponsors 24 youth teams throughout the year through financial donations.  These teams are across sports and include hockey, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, rugby and more.  The Association also provides several high school sponsorships throughout the year to fund local high school sports teams.

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